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1200mm SMC Machine For Auto Parts

1200mm SMC Machine For Auto Parts
SMC machine is mainly used for the production of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced sheet molding compound (SMC), it is already added resin, filler, pigment, release agent combination of polyester paste, impregnated glass fiber yarn on both sides.
Product Details:

SMC machine consist of

   1. The main frame is made of high quality carbon steel square tube (200X100X6) and rectangular tube with special specifications. The overall stability of the machine is guaranteed.

2. Basic requirements: The complete machine is divided into four sections; the cutting section, the paste section, the impregnation section, and the winding section

  2.1. SMC sheet effective width: 1200mm, that is the measurement width of the SMC sheet after removing the film on the sheet is 1200mm;

  2.2. SMC sheet production speed: 1 ~ 12m / min or more, the speed is continuously and adjustable; with good impregnation, and in the case of the film tensile strength, the production speed maximum is about 3.5 tons per hour or more (depending on the formula) ).

  2.3. Quantity of glass fiber cutting systems:  2 sets ;

  2.4. Cutting glass fiber length:

 (1), Cut short fibers of 12mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm;

(2), Can be used in conjunction with continuous unidirectional long fibers;

(3) A glass fiber mat or a glass fiber mesh cloth can be used.

(4) Set continuous fiber feeding frame and fiberglass cloth or fiber felt placement frame to ensure the stability of high-grade or high-strength products and improve product strength.

2.5. Impregnation method: Staggered roll


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