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SMC Machine For SMC Panel Water Tanks

SMC Machine For SMC Panel Water Tanks
SMC machine is mainly used for the production of unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced sheet molding compound (SMC), it is already added resin, filler, pigment, release agent combination of polyester paste, impregnated glass fiber yarn on both sides.
Product Details:

Technical parameters of SMC machine 

3.1. Cutting and paste part

  3.1.1. All parts structural frames consist of carbon steel square tubes. Equipped with 32 or 42 yarn guide tubes, the glass fiber should be 2400-4800tex (without alkali or medium alkali) which is specialized using for SMC.

  3.1.2. The cutting system is placed separately by two sets of cutters. The minimum cutting length is 12mm. By disassembling the blades, chopped fibers of different lengths of 12mm, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm can be cut out. The yarn guiding part adopts a stainless steel dressing and swinging machine, which can effectively smooth the positioning distance in the process of conveying the glass fiber yarn And also extend the blade's service life and make sure the fiber transport , cutting settlement are being uniformed . The surface of the cutter roll is plated with chromium and the contact roller adopted polyurethane rubber roller. Each set of cutter frame is equipped with a fiber breaking device to achieve a better disperse for the cut fibers And it Guarantee the uniformity of the glass fiber filament and meantime the production quality is improved .The impregnation and cutting motor uses a variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the winding adopts a variable frequency speed regulating motor and a torque motor. (In the case of box winding and roll winding respectively), the cutting speed of the cutter and the speed of the impregnated mesh belt can be controlled by switching independent and synchronous control. For example, during synchronous control, the cutting speed of the cutter and the speed of the impregnated mesh belt increase or decrease. The impregnated mesh belt speed changes synchronously. Ensure that the yarn content is constant and stable.

3.1.3. The glue tank is made of stainless steel and finished with a surface polishing. Or made of carbon steel material, the surface is plated, the blade edge clearance can be accurately set, and the blade gap is (the maximum gap between the blade and the bottom plate is 0.03mm). The pneumatic lifting knife is used to facilitate the cleaning of the whole part. The feeding trough frame is pneumatically lifted and can be lifted by 50mm. 

  3.1.4. The tension of the upper and lower film unwinding mechanism is adjustable, and the tension is controlled by a pressure regulating valve.

    3.1.5. Glass fiber single yarn and glass fiber cloth can be used with the cutting system.

    3.2.1. According to the product characteristics of SMC, the impregnation section is specially designed and modified, which increases the length of the pre-impregnation section and provides a reliable guarantee for the production of qualified products. Two upper and lower galvanized carbon steel mesh belts (stainless steel mesh belts are chosen based on needed) for transport and impregnation. The mesh belt has a width of 1250mm.

3.2.2. The mesh belt is equipped with an automatic correcting device. (Double Correction Control)

3.2.3. Impregnation method: Staggered roller. The position of the rolls of the upper and lower presses should be in the form of an inter-roller, thereby greatly improving the impregnation effect.

3.2.4. The entire compression bridge is equipped with 10 cylinders, and the pressure adjustment range is 0~7kg/cm2.


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