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Vertical Ribbon Mixer

Vertical Ribbon Mixer
Vertical ribbon mixer is suitable for many areas with high efficiency, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyes, building materials and other powder and powder materials.etc
Product Details:


Vertical ribbon blender with the mixing parts of the conical twin-screw mixer are two asymmetric cantilever helixs, each of which is rotated about the axis of rotation (rotation) and also around the central axis of the cone-shaped container; The device through the spiral of the public, the rotation of the material repeatedly raised in the cone to produce shear, convection, diffusion and other complex movement, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. Products can be designed according to the requirements of the outer jacket (heating, cooling), sprayer, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dyes, building materials and other powder and powder mixture, reaction. According to the technical requirements of the machine can be added in the mixer barrel outside the jacket, through the injection of hot and cold media to the jacket to achieve the cooling or heating of the material; cooling pumped into the general industrial water, heating can be heated to the steam or electric heating oil.

How it work

Vertical ribbon mixer machine barrel two asymmetric spiral rotation of the material up to lift, slow arm swing movement; the spiral outside the material, varying degrees into the stud, so as to achieve the full range of materials continue to update the proliferation, The two pieces of material mentioned in the upper part are converged to the central pits to form a downward flow of material, complementing the bottom vacancy, resulting in a triple mixing effect of the convective circulation; the standard conical screw mixer has two agitators Helix, the actual application according to the size of the equipment can be used single (a long spiral), double (the length of each one or two asymmetric spiral), three (two short and one long symmetrical arrangement) root screw; theoretically, Mixing the effect of the better; equipment generally use plum-shaped "dislocation valve", the valve and the bottom of the long spiral fit closely to effectively reduce the mixed dead angle, the drive in the form of manual and pneumatic optional; according to user needs, can also be installed butterfly valve , side valve discharge and so on.

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