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Advantages of high-speed mixer
Jul 31, 2017

1. The mixing effect is good. We set a certain number of reverse blades in the axial direction to make the material form convective exergy.

2. Speed adjustable. If the timing or FM motor, the mixer working speed can be adjusted, up to 120r/min. Materials in the machine by the churning, convection, throwing up,, and other effects of a full mix.

3. Blade angle Adjustable. Different users have different requirements for mixing uniformity and change the processing volume by adjusting the blade angle.

4. Easy to operate. The barrel body is opened with 2 maintenance doors, after the shutdown, the operator can easily adjust the angle of each blade outside the machine.

5. No dead end. The blade arrangement makes the material in the machine can be mixed evenly, and the residual in the machine is small.

6. Complete series.

The maintenance notices of the high speed mixer are as follows.

1, inspection and repair of mixing oars, scraper and mixing room wall clearance should meet the requirements of the following table.

2, remove the rolling bearing, cleaning check; Replace grease and seals.

3, check whether the main drive shaft has bending or wear phenomenon.

4, check the cleaning cylinder, replace the seal ring and guide sleeve easily damaged parts, check whether the piston rod has bending deformation and wear phenomenon.

5, the main parts after checking to do a good record, when necessary test, ready parts accessories, proposed next repair replacement.