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Application Knowledge of mixer
Jul 31, 2017

Horizontal Spiral Belt mixer, also called the Screw belt mixer. The mixer barrel is a U-shaped long body structure, which guarantees the small resistance movement of the mixture material (powder cooling body and half fluid) in the cylinder. A double helix vane is arranged on the transmission spindle, and the inner screw is conveyed to the outer side, and the external screw is assembled into the inner material. The material is under the convection movement of the double helix belt, forming a low dynamic and efficient mixing environment. The inner and outer diameter screw of the stirring shaft is driven by the material in the barrel, so that the agitator is in the maximum range of the drum. The stirring device works in the internal screw drive near the axis of material to do axis rotation, axial from the inside to both sides to promote, the outside spiral driven near the wall material to do axis rotation, axial from both sides to the inside to promote, the mixture can be in a relatively short period of time evenly mixed. The bottom discharging way, the powder material uses the pneumatic big opening structure form, it has the advantages of quick unloading, no residue, and so on. High fineness material or half fluid material uses manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve, the manual butterfly valve economy is suitable, the pneumatic butterfly valve is good in half fluid seal, but the cost is higher than the manual butterfly valve. In cases where heating or cooling is required, a jacket can be configured. The heating method is available in two ways: electric heating and heat conduction oil heating, the electric heating is convenient, but the heating speed is slow, the energy consumption is high, the heat conduction oil heating needs to be equipped with oil pan and oil-guide power, the pipeline, the investment is bigger, but the heating speed is fast, the The cooling process can inject the cooling water directly into the jacket, and the heat exchanger area of the jacket is large and the cooling speed is fast. The motor and the stirring spindle are directly connected by the Cycloid reducer, which has simple structure, high reliability and convenient maintenance.