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Bead mill for ink working principle
Aug 17, 2018

Bead mill is mainly used for wet grinding of chemical liquid products. According to the performance, it can be roughly divided into horizontal sand mill, basket sand mill, vertical sand mill and so on. It is mainly composed of the body, the grinding cylinder, the sanding disc (the lever), the grinding medium, the motor and the feeding pump. The feeding speed is controlled by the feeding pump. The grinding media of the device are generally classified into zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, 

The bead mill adopts an eccentric disc grinding structure and is arranged in a certain order. The system overcomes the disadvantages of uneven distribution of the grinding medium of the conventional grinding machine, enables the grinding medium to obtain maximum energy transfer, has high grinding efficiency, and adopts double-end belt forcing. Cooling mechanical seal, good sealing effect and reliable operation. The separation system adopts large flow LDC dynamic grid slot separator. Under the condition of large flow, the discharge port will not be blocked. The flow area is up to 0.05-2.0mm. Use a grinding media of 0.1 mm or more.

bead mill adopts the disc type or the pin type, and the closed inner cavity design. The grinding disc is installed on the stirring shaft in a certain order, which overcomes the disadvantages of uneven distribution of the grinding medium of the conventional horizontal sand mill and poor particle size distribution after grinding. The material enters the grinding chamber under the action of the feed pump. The design of the inlet is at one end of the driving connection flange, and the flow direction of the material and the mechanical bearing are opposite to the bottom end, which greatly reduces the pressure of the mechanical seal and prolongs its service life. During the high-speed operation of the eccentric disk of the stirring shaft, the mixture of the material and the grinding medium undergoes high-efficiency relative motion. As a result, the solid particles of the material are effectively dispersed, sheared and ground, and the filter is separated by a dynamic large-flow rotor gap to obtain a final product. Depending on the product grinding process, separate batch cycle grinding and series grinding processes can be used.