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China's construction machinery industry has a long history
Jul 31, 2017

2014 in imperceptible already past 2/3 Strong, the construction machinery industry is struggling to support in front of the formidable challenge. The first half of the market overall performance passable, downward pressure, the second half of the industry to achieve steady recovery, a long task.

Stubborn disease affects industry health

Earlier this year, the excavator branch of China Construction Machinery Industry association issued a "warning letter on improper competition in China's mining machinery market" the letter pointed out: "Some leading manufacturers have taken a price reduction, extended warranty period, low down payment of the sales policy, there is an excessive competitive tendency, seriously disrupted the market order, increased the overall operating risk of the industry, affecting the Chinese mining machinery industry stable, rational and orderly development." Although this is only a separate warning letter issued by the excavator branch, it is very representative of the whole construction machinery market in China. This reflects the intensity and disorder of competition in the whole industry from one side.

Affected by the market downturn, some enterprises in order to survive and take irrational management of sales, which bring more shocks to the market, so that the industry to stabilize the rebound added more resistance.