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Grinding cleaning and drying automatic production line
Jul 31, 2017

Grinding cleaning and drying automatic production line, think means grinding, cleaning, drying as one of the production, and grinding can be divided into eddy grinding, vibration grinding, magnetic abrasive, centrifugal grinding, barrel grinding, such as automatic cleaning and drying, anti-rust passivation combined with automatic production line.

Dedicated to the study of surface finishing technology. According to the current needs of many customer groups to develop a variety of models with an automatic production line together. At present, the automotive parts industry grinding, cleaning, drying, rust, automatic production line mainly: Eddy Current grinding Machine (grinding links are: Automatic add water, automatic add liquid, automatic return), automatic eddy current machine. Good grinding products after the separation of vibration screening machine, the product through the conveyor belt into the cleaning process (cleaning links are mainly spray, cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning)

Cleaning process According to the different products of cleaning has: clean water, kerosene cleaning and other cleaning forms, cleaning groove under the cleaning line. The cleaning liquid can be recycled reuse cleaning, after the completion of the product through the conveyor belt to the drying line (drying line with temperature control, time control belt rate FM)

After the drying is finished, it passes through the conveyor belt, then to the passivation rust-proof trough, causes the product to carry on the final antirust treatment, after the processing completes through the conveyer belt directly to the finished product packing or the next link.

The entire pipelining operation can save 80% more labor than before and increase productivity.

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