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High speed disperser and dissolver
Jul 11, 2018

MAX MIXER is specialized in producing high speed dissolver and disperser machines .It is with high speed rotating and suitable for liquid materials dispersing and mixing. used on paint ,ink ,pigment ,Chemicals ,resins ,dye .cosmatic and so on .

Dissolvers is composed by motor and agitator with different capacity of tanks , Working with high speed and dispersing by using disperser discs with different types .And the materials inside the tanks was dispersed by the disc with high rotating speed  .And accompany with the shaft up and down ,All the materials inside the tanks will thoroughly and uniform dispersed .

The advantage of dissolver is the rotating speed can be adjusted at any speed based on different production requested by using an frequency inverter .And the lift of the dissolvers can be maximum reached 1300mm. Meantime ,dissolvers is easy operation by the electric cabinet and easy assemble and maintain .

Max Mixer provide with professor service for different use based on our rich experience