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Machinery and equipment: reform and reorganization is the main line of investment
Jul 31, 2017

Experts say asset injections are still the main line of investment, focusing on the military sector this week. Because of the cost of military production, a number of listed military companies through the issuance of financing to real capital expansion, aimed at expanding capacity. Therefore, the future capital market will provide more support for the huge funds needed by the defense industry. In particular, the details of the restructuring of the Military Academy will be introduced in October, as well as the recent mention by President Xi Jinping of military construction, which will inject catalysts into the assets reorganization of military enterprises.

Smart equipment: Valuations still have room. China has become the world's second-largest robot after Japan, the annual growth rate reached more than 50%. From the point of view of industry distribution, the demand of machine-tool robots will appear to be slowing down, especially in the field of military robots, handling robots and industrial robots, despite the economic recession.

Transport equipment: The second half of the railway investment began to accelerate, the planned investment will be completed within the year. Because of the development of urbanization, it is necessary to establish the unimpeded traffic between cities and towns, and the vigorous development of economy needs the movement of goods and the transfer of population. The amount of fixed assets investment in 2014 has increased from 630 billion to 800 billion, and 14 railways will start gradually, and the investment scale will reach 300 billion yuan. Therefore, judging from the amount of investment, quantity and industry valuation, the transport sector will have investment opportunities.