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Mixer should do daily maintenance
Jul 31, 2017

The current technology of the mixer products, due to the relatively mature technology, the machine when mixing motor speed is slow, the normal work is rarely faulted. Many industries in the selection of mixing according to the requirements of mixed materials using high-speed mixer to mix, so master some of the daily maintenance of the mixer is also more important.

Mixer first Operation 12 hours, should do a comprehensive check, check the degree of v tension, when adjusting the tension screw when the triangular belt evenly tightened, the motor seat plate shall be tightened tightly to prevent loosening; check the inner wall of the mixing container and the cleaning of the discharging hole is clean, do the cleaning in time; the equipment should not be used for long time to apply antirust grease to the inner wall and the discharging part.

The production enterprise must do the periodical overhaul of the mixer, easy to damage parts parts must be repaired and replaced in a timely manner, electrical equipment should be regularly inspected, especially the motor, heat, found that damage should be replaced in a timely manner; the electrical control box should be cleaned periodically to clean the dust on the electrical components in time to prevent contact damage.

Mixer is a food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, and other important processing equipment, reasonable maintenance can save energy, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, prolong the machine life.