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Sigma blade mixer kneader machine using for hot melt adhesive glue
Mar 30, 2018

Hot melt adhesive, also known as hot melt sealant, hot melt glue kneader for the hot melt sealant to create the most advanced large torque kneader. It can knead the viscosity of several hundred thousand poise ~ 1 million poisson mortar, heating temperature at 170 ° C, the degree of vacuum can reach 0.095Mpa, hot melt glue kneading machine not only exists the screw extrusion discharge function

The hot melt glue kneader can replace the previous old process production (open mix type mixing machine and open mix hot mix machine combination), and the rubber-to-air glass butyl hot melt adhesive and automobile seal produced by the kneader Construction seal tape and other effects are very good: 1, good shape 2, bright appearance 3, eliminate the bubbles in the rubber. Hot melt glue kneader is an indispensable production tool for producing butyl hot melt adhesive and butyl tape manufacturers.