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Sigma mixer maintenance
May 22, 2018


1. Lubricating parts should always be filled with lubricating oil. The oil per shift should not be less than two times. Press-in type oiling lubrication is pressed once every twenty days. The oil pool is lubricated and replaced every three months.

2, wallboard shaft seal, should be based on the use of wear and tear, appropriate adjustment or replacement of seals.

3. Regularly inspect the steam pipelines and joints, and no leakage is allowed.

4. During the operation of the machine for six months, maintenance should be carried out to check the vulnerable parts and make appropriate repairs or replacements.

5. After the kneading machine is installed, it is first cleaned, decontaminated and wiped with rust-proof grease. Check each lubrication point and inject oil (fat).

6. Check the tension of the V-belt before driving and move the motor to the proper position by adjusting the bolts.

7. Check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the steam pipe leaks, and whether the circuit and electrical equipment are safe. Electric heating type kneader must have a grounding device.

8. Clean the kneader's chamber before testing and make it empty for 10-15 minutes. After confirming that the machine is operating normally, put it into production. Usually, new machine gears (including speed reducers) are noisy when they are used in the initial stage, and will naturally decrease when the new gears are used for a certain period of time.

9. When steam heating is used, safety valves and pressure gauges shall be installed at the pipeline, and the steam pressure shall not exceed the pressure requirements of mixing tanks used for signage.

10. Kneading machine studios should minimize the use of reverse.

11, each lubrication should be often oiled.

12. There should be no leakage of raw materials in the wallboard seals.

13, the belt tight degree of appropriate, regular inspection adjustment or replacement.

14, the steam pipe is not allowed to leak, the valve should be closed when the machine is disabled, and to ensure the reliability of the safety valve pressure gauge.

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