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The advantages and disadvantages of the container back-transition mixer type
Jul 31, 2017

Now, depending on the usage requirements, the mixer equipment used is different. With the development of China's technology, now the market on a wide range of mixers, there are three-dimensional mixer, two-dimensional mixer, V-type mixer, and so on, one can not help but dazzling, then we know that the mixer can be divided into many classes, mixed method to divide, is the internal mixing and container rotation mixing is completely different, there is also a composite mixer, then you know that the common mixer is what kind? Today's little story for everyone to introduce, Let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of mixer. But because there is too much knowledge, we are going to say that the container will be transformed.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the container return transformation has v-type mixer, double cone mixer, two-dimensional motion mixer (multi-directional mixing), Square cone hopper mixer, and so on. In addition to square cone hopper type and large-capacity three-dimensional motion mixer, this kind of mixing equipment is generally suitable for many varieties, small batch production.

Container back-transition mixer features:

(1) When mixing with friction mixture, the mixing effect is good.

(2) Good mixing effect can be obtained when mixed fluidity and physical properties are similar.

(3) When mixing the material which is easy to produce condensation and adhesion, it is necessary to install the forced stirring vane or diffuser plate in the mixing equipment.

Container back to transition mixer disadvantages:

(1) Large-capacity mixer occupies a relatively large area, need to have a solid foundation;

(2) The loading coefficient is small, and the mixture is mixed with the container at the same time, so the energy consumption of the return transformation is greater than that of the stationary type;

(3) need to make special device for positioning or parking;

(4) The ideal mixture can not be obtained when the material property gap of the mixture is large;

(5) compared with the fixed type, the noise of the back transition is relatively large.