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The intellectualization of construction machinery industry is imminent
Jul 31, 2017

Status quo of intelligent equipment industry

(1) Intelligent manufacturing technology to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean, flexible production, improve product to dynamic and changeable market adaptability and competitiveness as the goal.

(2) The Intelligent manufacturing technology is not limited to the manufacturing process, but covers the whole process of market analysis, production management, processing and assembling, sales, maintenance, service and recycling.

(3) Intelligent Manufacturing emphasizes the four-dimensional integration of technology, people, management and information, not only related to material flow and energy flow, but also to information flow and knowledge flows, that is to be the important characteristics of intelligent manufacturing technology.

(4) The Intelligent manufacturing technology pays more attention to the rationalization and innovation of manufacturing process composition and management, it is the system integration of hardware, software, intelligence (human) and organization.

The general statement is that the engineering machinery and equipment through the modern communication and information technology, computer network technology, industry technology, intelligent control technology, such as the collection of applications. So that products in the work and production of more intelligent way to reduce the workload of personnel.