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Bead Mill Price From Max Mixer Company
Sep 07, 2018

Max Mixer Co., Ltd is specialized in producing bead mill machine for different production use. We have professor engineering on bead mill machine with well experienced for different product .

Bead mill machine is an grinding machine widely used on Dyes, pigments, paints, pharmaceuticals and other suspensions .

Bead mill machine have different types  .like  Vertical bead mill . Horizontal bead mill .Basket bead mill .etc . and Max Mixer provide all series bead mill with different capacities .For horizontal bead mill from 15L to 60L include .15L . 20L ,30L ,45L ,60L .And vertical bead mill include 10L 20L 30L 40L 80L 120L .

We are exported to worldwide countries with different district and European countries with CE certificate and Asia countries . America and Latin-America 

Max Mixer not only provide with strong quality product , but also with good after sale service . For more informations needed ,. please visit our website or contact us  directly .