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CE Certificate High Speed Dispersing Machine Manfacturers From China Max Mixer Company
Aug 09, 2018

High speed dispersing machine is mainly used for crushing liquid materials of different viscosities, dispersing, emulsifying, mixing and high-efficiency mixing equipment, and running at high speed through the upper and lower teeth of the dispersing disc. It is an effective device for agitating, dispersing and dissolving solids such as paint. Lifting and Dispersing Machines Widely used in the mixing, dispersing and dissolving processes of coatings, inks, pigments, adhesives and other chemical products. The machine consists of five parts: mechanical lifting, main drive, mixing system, guiding mechanism and electric control box. Compact and reasonable dispersing disc type: flat serrated, three-purpose paddle, disc type, lifting and dispersing machine, adopting electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation, three speed and other specifications. The motor runs stably and is suitable for a wide range of viscosities. Hydraulic and mechanical lifting, free lifting and rotating, adapt to various positions; universal explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance; strong product continuity, fast material dispersion, good dispersion effect, high production efficiency, stable operation, easy installation

Max Mixer Compnay is specialized in producing kinds of dispersing machine . Oue dispersing machine certified by CE certificate . We exported to European countries for many years and establish long terms business with many customers  .

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