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China Construction Machinery Industry Trends From 2017
Jul 31, 2017

Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Exhibition is one of the world's three major construction machinery exhibition, with Germany Bauma and France Intermat exhibition, is the second largest construction machinery exhibition in the world after Bauma. The exhibition is sponsored by the American Association of Equipment manufacturers, a sessions every three years. The scale of the exhibition, a large number of merchants, focused on China's well-known brands such as Xugong, 31, Zoomlion, Shandong Pro, LiuGong, etc. are the industry to display the latest technology, equipment and products an important platform. The exhibition held International Drive Exhibition (IFPE). The 2017 exhibition will be held in Las Vegas Exhibition Center, and the indoor exhibition area is expected to reach 280,000 square meters.

By participating in Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition, enterprises will master a large number of first-hand international market information, the positive contact with overseas users and agents, broaden sales channels. American Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition gathered the industry's most well-known manufacturers and the latest product technology, showing and leading the construction machinery industry's latest development trend. Intelligent, digital, environmental protection. Our country's construction machinery product development speed extremely fast, in the international competition price superiority is obvious.