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Classification Of Grinding Mill
Jul 31, 2017

The main types of grinding machine are disc-type grinding machine, rotary shaft grinder and a variety of special grinding machine.

Disc Type Grinding Machine

Tan Pan and double disc two, the application of double disc grinding machine is the most common. In the double disc grinding machine (see fig [double Disc grinder]), multiple workpieces are placed in the cage between the upper and lower grinding disks, and the cage and workpiece are driven by eccentric or planetary mechanism as planar parallel motions. The lower grinding disc rotates, and the parallel grinding disc can be rotated in reverse, or with the lower grinding disc, and can be moved up and down to press the workpiece (pressure adjustable). In addition, the upper grinding disc can also rotate with the rocker arm around the column angle, in order to unload the workpiece. Double-disc grinder is mainly used for machining two parallel faces, one plane (the attachment of pressing workpiece should be increased), outer cylindrical surface and spherical surface (grinding disc with V-groove), etc. When machining the outer cylindrical surface, it is necessary to choose the type and arrangement angle of the cage slot rationally because the workpiece should be both sliding and rolling. Single disc grinding machine only one grinding disc, used to grind the lower plane of the workpiece, can make the shape and size of the workpiece with different processing, grinding precision is higher. Some mills also have the mechanism to automatically correct the grinding discs during the grinding process.

Rotary Grinding Machine

The rotation of the workpiece or the research tool (adjustable grinding ring or grinding rod) is driven by the rotating spindle of the positive and reverse rotation, and the structure is relatively simple for grinding the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces.

Special Grinding Machine

According to the different grinding workpiece, there are center hole grinding machine, steel ball grinding machine and gear grinding machine. In addition, there is a similar centerless grinding machine used to grind cylindrical workpiece.