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Construction Machinery Industry Rebound Overall Recovery Still Needs To Continue To Drive
Jul 31, 2017

According to China Construction Machinery Industry Association Excavator Branch data, June into the branch of the statistics of 26 mainframe manufacturing enterprises to sell 8933 mining machinery, the year-on-year rise of 100.8%. In the first half of 2017, the 26 mainframe manufacturers sold up to 70821 units nationwide, up 110.3% from a year earlier, and sold more than 2016.

According to the China Construction Machinery Industry association statistics, excavator sales in May reached 11,000 units, a year-on-year growth of 106%, January-May cumulative sales of 66,000 units, year-on-year growth of 101%. In May, the loader sold 8524 units, up nearly 70% from a year earlier, and bulldozers sold 529 units, up 90% from a year earlier, and 1868 in the same period, up 62% over a year earlier.

The industry has recovered significantly

Excavator sales since the second half of 2016 gradually warmed up, the beginning of September 2016, monthly sales year-on-year growth has remained above 70%, this year February growth rate record high, showing the recovery is accelerating. According to the relevant institutions to visit a first-line excavator brand southwest and east China many dealers learned, as of March 22, March excavator sales have been close to or more than February sales, dealers basic into zero inventory status, the next order is not the phenomenon of goods is very common. Excavator for Earth-moving machinery leading indicators, its sales rebound indicates that cranes, bulldozers, engineering vehicles and other Earth-moving machinery market demand will also be strong rebound.