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Double Sigma Blade Mixer Manufacturer
Aug 03, 2018

MAX MIXER is specialized in producing sigma blade mixer for different industries which is used for high viscous material , We design with different capacities based on your request from 2L -100000L .

Working principle 

The Sigma mixer is consist of mixing chamber ,frame support ,hydraulic system ,electric control system, Discharge system And two Z shape blade in the chamber drove by the motor and the two blade rotating with different speed ,but can be control by the inverter .The sigma blade mixer caused by a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating Z blades to produce a strong shearing action so that the semi-dry state or the rubbery viscous plastic material enables the material to react quickly to obtain a uniform mixing After finished mixing ,The materials will follow the screw extruder at bottom of chamber. Screw out materials to another step

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