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Horizontal Bead Mill Suppliers And Manufacturers
Aug 23, 2018

MAX MIXER adopted advanced design for Bead mill machine .

The new design of the bead mill is with closed continuous production. The product has fine grinding, uniform fineness, good quality and high production efficiency. The material is produced in a closed state, which effectively prevents the dry crust and solvent evaporation of the material. Double mechanical seal, double protection, zero leakage. New dynamic separation structure for smoother discharge and less wearing parts

Horizontal Bead mill is a high-efficiency wet superfine grinding and dispersing machine widely used in non-metallic mineral industry such as paint, dye, paint, ink, medicine, magnetic powder, ferrite, photographic film, pesticide, papermaking and cosmetics.

MAX MIXER provide you with strong quality and advanced design for bead mill machine .For more informations ,please check our website and contact us