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Kneader Mixer For High Viscous Material
May 31, 2018

Kneader mixer with sigma blade is widely used on many industries ,.Food ,pharmaceutical, slurry ,soap .chewing gum ,bubble gum, CMC cellulose ,toothpaste ,silicone rubber ,hot melt adhesive .sealant .dye ,battery paste ,resin and cosmetics .areas 

Kneader extruder is consist of Mixing chamber ,driving system. Vacuum system and also  two Sigma (Z )blades , During the mixing cycle the blades rotate toward each other while the mixing screw rotates in a reverse direction, constantly feeding new materials into the mixing blades. After the mixing/kneading cycle is complete, the screw is reversed and it transports the mixed materials from the mix zone out through a discharge die and on to further processing or packaging

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