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Manufacturer Of Ribbon Blender For Powder
Jul 25, 2018

The ribbon blender for powder  consists of a U-shaped container, a ribbon stirring blade and a transmission component. The U-shaped long body cylinder structure ensures the small resistance movement of the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) in the cylinder. The spiral strips are mounted on the same horizontal axis to form a low-dynamic and high-efficiency mixed environment. The ribbon-shaped blades are generally made of two or three layers. The outer spiral gathers the materials from the sides to the center, and the inner layer spirals the materials from the center. Conveying to both sides, the material can form more eddy currents in the flow, speeding up the mixing speed and improving the mixing uniformity; driving with the pulley to drive the cycloidal speed reducer, the elastic connection of the belt transmission relative to the large torque of the gear reducer Advantages of protecting the transmission components during overloading

Discharge type 

The ribbon blender for powder  discharge way:  the powder material adopts the pneumatic large opening door structure, which has the advantages of quick discharge and no residual; the high-fine material or semi-fluid material adopts manual butterfly valve or pneumatic butterfly valve, and the manual butterfly valve is economical. The pneumatic butterfly valve has good sealing performance for the semi-fluid, but the cost is higher than the manual butterfly valve. The jacket can be configured where heating or cooling is required. The heating method has two modes: electric heating and heat conduction oil heating: electric heating is convenient, but the heating rate is slow, and the energy consumption is high; the heat conducting oil heating needs to be equipped with oil pan and oil guiding power, pipeline, and the investment is large, but the heating speed is fast. , low energy consumption. The cooling process can directly inject cooling water into the jacket, and the jacket has a large heat exchange area and a fast cooling rate. The motor and the stirring spindle are directly connected by a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and the structure is simple, the operation reliability is high, and the maintenance is convenient.

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