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Ribbon Blender For Powder Mixing Factory
Aug 03, 2018

MAX MIXER is specialized in producing kinds of ribbon blender mixers used for different industrial for powder production ,.

MAX MIXER provide with different capacity design for ribbon blender , from 10-200000L , We have two types .Single shaft ribbon blender and double shaft ribbon blender . 

Working pinciple 

Ribbon mixer Forward and reverse rotation ribbon installed on the same horizontal axis, forming a low-power efficient hybrid environment, snails ribbon blades generally made double or triple, the outer spiral of the material from both sides to the central collection, inner spiral will material from the center to both sides of the conveyor, the material can form more in the flow vortex mixing speed to speed up and improve the degree of homogeneity; adopt cycloidal reducer drive pulley driven, relative to the gear reducer, high-torque, belt drive the elastic connection with the overload protection of drive components advantage. 

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