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Sigma Blade Mixer Supplier And Manufacturer
Aug 31, 2018

Max Mixer company provide with high quality sigma blade mixers and also with good after save service  .

Max Mixer have exported Sigma blade mixer to worldwide countries with over passed many years .European countries .like Italy ,Romania .Czech republic ,Germany . Spain etc  ,Asia countries like Korea ,Thailand ,Indonesia .Malaysia .Vietnam . Iran .Pakistan .India .Saudi arabia etc . Also include America and some south america countries  

The productions include Silicone rubber , gum base like bubble gum and chewing gum , Food area like Cholcolate ,Candy ,For plastic ,like BMC .,resins  also other areas like CMC . hot melt adhsive  ,Sealant etc .

Max Mixer not only provide with Strong quality  sigma mixer but also with good after sale service ,  For more informations  please check our website or contact us directly  .