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Sigma Mixer Application And Working Principle
Feb 01, 2018

Sigma blade mixer is high viscosity, elasto-plastic materials kneading, mixing, curing, polymerization ideal equipment. Kneader can be used for the production of silicone rubber, sealant, hot melt adhesives, food gum base, pharmaceutical preparations.

 First, the working principle of sigma mixer

Sigma blade mixer machine is a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating Σ blades produce strong shearing effect so that semi-dry state or rubbery viscous plastic materials can make the material react quickly to obtain uniform mixing . Kneading machine is mainly composed of kneading part, the base part, hydraulic system, transmission system and electronic control system composed of five major components. Hydraulic system by a hydraulic station to control the large cylinder, to complete the opening and closing function, the hydraulic system by a hydraulic station to control the cylinder, to complete the turn cylinder, cover and other functions, the details of the parameters can be arbitrary choice and requirements by the user, operation Convenient and reliable. Drive system consists of motor, reducer and gear, according to the type of kneading machine supporting motor. Kneading machine drive part, is the synchronous motor speed, after the flexible coupling to the reducer, the output device drives fast pulp, so that it reaches the required speed, but also by the inverter speed. Kneader has two Σ-type blades, the speed of the two blades are different, according to different processes can be set to different speeds, the most common speed is 42/28 RPM. Kneading machine can be designed according to the needs of heating and not heating form, heat exchange methods are usually: electric heating, steam heating, circulating hot oil heating, circulating water cooling. Kneading out of a hydraulic dumping dumping, ball valve discharge, such as screw extrusion. Cylinder and pulp and material contact parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel to ensure product quality.

Second, the characteristics of sigma mixer (kneading machine) 

1, Kneading machine General machine through the chassis, easy to install. 2, the use of helical gear or hardened reducer, and the host drive smooth, small voice, long life. 3, stirring paddle and mixing tank wall, using SUS304 stainless steel or SUS316L stainless steel, to ensure the purity of products. 4, advanced shaft seal structure, sealing effect is good. Unique design of the vacuum box balance structure, to ensure that will not grind black material. 5, integrated electrical control (host running, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cover and temperature control) and temperature control and temperature display, easy to operate and process control.

Third, the application of Sigma blade kneading machine .

Kneader is widely used in high viscosity, high elasticity of plastic materials mixing, kneading, crushing, mixing, curing, re-polymerization. Kneading machine with mixing, no dead ends, kneading high efficiency. Kneading machine has many functions, such as wide range of functions, wide variety of applications, especially for chewing gum, bubble gum, toothpaste, plastic, rubber, silicone rubber, dye, pigment, ink, food gum base, pharmaceutical agent, architectural coating, carbon, ,high viscosity