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Sigma Mixer Price From Max Mixer Company
Sep 07, 2018

Max Mixer company specialized in producing sigma mixers for different production use .

Sigma mixer is with sigma blade and widely used for high viscous materials mixing  ,like chewing gum ,gum base ,silica gel .silicone rubber  .adhesive  ,resins  .chocolate ,dough ,food and so on .

Our sigma mixer can be made for lab use like 2L , 5L and for bulk production ,500L ,800L ,1000L 2000L 5000L 8000L and so on , We provide design based on customer request ,different capacity and also different needed , Heating ,cooling jacket  ,Vacuum . Screw extruder discharge . For heavy use ,we provide with double motor design .

Our sigma mixer exported worldwide ,European countries with CE certificate  .and Asia countries .,America .Russia .etc .

We are not only provide with strong quality product and also provide with good after sale service  ,If more information needed ,please visit our website or contact us  directly  . Thank you