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The Operation Method Of Grinding Mill
Jul 31, 2017

Operators must be familiar with the general structure and performance of equipment, not the use of ultra-high performance equipment. The volume of the parts and abrasives shall not exceed 90% of the hopper volume. After the power is connected, it should run smoothly and without abnormal noise. Otherwise, you should stop checking. Before the workpiece is grinded, the workpiece must be treated with oil removal and decontamination. The grinding agent and the amount of water control must be added in the process according to the grinding condition of the workpiece. When the work is finished down, cut off the power supply, clean the equipment, do the equipment maintenance work. Safety procedures before the boot, should check the fastening screws, check the motor shaft rotation is flexible. The equipment is in operation and the anomaly should be parked. Every 6 months, the bearing of the vibrating motor or rotary shaft should be injected with lithium grease. After work, the power should be cut off.

Empty load Commissioning. The mainframe and the analyzer are turning right. Host air load Commissioning according to the steering requirements, its operating time is not less than 1h. When the host air load is running, the mill roller device should be tied with the wire rope to avoid the grinding roller and the grinding ring contact blow, such as unconditional, can also remove the mill roller device. Host air load commissioning should be stable, the maximum temperature of lubricating oil should not exceed 800c. Temperature rise shall not exceed 400c. Analysis machine Size bevel gear should be smooth operation, all normal sound, and ensure that the circuit is unblocked. Blower should observe the direction of rotation, should not be abnormal sound and vibration, rolling bearing maximum temperature should not exceed 700c, temperature rise does not exceed 350c. Meet commissioning. It is proved by the empty load commissioning that all parts can be carried out in accordance with the commissioning operation. The commissioning time is not less than 8h (hours). Mill work should be normal, the transmission part must not have abnormal sound and impact vibration. The maximum temperature of rolling bearing and lubricating oil is not more than 800c, and temperature rise is not more than 400c. There should be no air leakage in the flange contact of the piping device. The mill output reaches the specified index. Adjust the speed of the analyzer, so that the finished grain size control in 0.44-0.125mm range. After the air load and the load make the operation qualified again, tighten the fastener tightly, can put into normal operation.