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V Shape Mixer Price
Sep 13, 2018

Max Mixer provide Strong quality V mixers for different industry use .

V shape mixer is suitable for the mixing of powders and granules with good material flowability and small difference in physical properties, as well as the mixing of materials with low mixing requirements and short mixing time. Since the material in the V-shape mixing container flows smoothly, it will not damage the original shape of the material. Therefore, the V-shape mixer is also suitable for the mixing of fragile materials which are easy to be broken and easy to wear, or the mixing of finer particles, blocks and materials containing certain moisture, and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

Max Mixer company provide with different capacity from lab to massive production request . The V mixer can be choosed with Stainless steel structure .and motor power will recommend by our technical engineering team which is with well experienced on V mixer use  .

We have exported to Worldwide countries different areas with different productions .such as European . Asia  ,America .Russia  .Australia etc  . 

Max Mixer not only provide with high quality ,but also with a series of after sale service  . So that we keep a steadily cooperation with our customers .

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