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Z Blade Mixer Supplier And Manufacturer
Sep 05, 2018

Max Mixer Company is the manufacturer which is specialized in producking Z blade mixer for different production use .

Z blade mixer is simillar like Sigma blade mixer which is specialized in mixing with high viscous materials  such as rubber ,adhesive .CMC  .gum base .Resins  ,Dough .and so on .The Special Z blade is the advance design with strong power and high shear mixing functions . The high viscous materials will thoroughly mixed by the Z blade with different rotating speed and opposite rotating direction .We provide with screw extruder discharge and hydraulic tilt discharge even bottom valve discharge . And also jacket for heating and cooling needed production is also avaliable .

Max Mixer company not only provide with strong quality sigma mixers but also provide with good service and help installtion . For more informations ,please check our website and contact us .